Life Works – Things Are Always Working out for Me

things are always working out for me

Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.
- Dr. Wayne Dyer

It seems that there are good days and bad days.
We sometimes get things right and sometimes, we make mistakes.
Sometimes things flow effortlessly and sometimes, everything seems a struggle.
So it seems, that life is always going up and down.

But there is another way … to seeing things, and to approaching life:

Life works and things are always working out for us.

Here, there are no bad days, but only days that teach us what needs to change and how we can go on to have more of those good days.

We don’t make mistakes – we have learning experiences instead, and, we can learn from them and do so much better next time.

Life flows, except when we we struggle against life and what is.
We don’t need to be stuck where we are and change is always possible.
BUT, we can learn to yield more; to accept more; to pick our moments and our battles.
We can also learn to distract ourselves, when nothing else seems to be helping (how about laughter? The fun never has to stop).

Life isn’t ever going up or down. Life is always taking us – carrying us forward.

With this change in perspective, we realise that we have far more control over our lives and our state of happiness than we might have ever imagined.

Mindset, attitude, habits of thought – these things are all within OUR control;
And they make ALL the difference between good days and bad days; mistakes and getting it right; being in flow or struggling; and being up or down.

I may not have all the answers, but I know what feels better. And so I’ve changed the way I look at things:

Life works. It always does. And things are always working out for me.

Thank you Dr. Wayne Dyer : )

And thank you Esther, Jerry and Abraham <3 <3 <3

Momentum – Why You Need It and How to Generate It

Momentum. Newtons cradle

Image by Dominique Toussaint

So it’s the New Year!

Another blank slate. Another chance to try. For most people, it is also means another list of goals and desires to work on.

This year, I plan to write and release a book in print form, and several other ebooks. It’s all very exciting and just a little scary. Scary because I want this so badly, yet know that it would be all too easy to let it fall by the wayside and not get it done.

Enter my secret weapon: Momentum.

I am not an expert on productivity or a master of getting things done. But I have long understood that it takes more effort to get something started than it takes to keep it going. So yes, starting something is often the hardest part.

But Momentum is the secret to finishing.

Fortunately for me, I had the series of blog posts that I put together over the course of last year to help me with my book. And so, I had actually started. In terms of putting the actual book together, again I made a start on this (on the 1st of January as it so happened).

But I know that the only thing, that will see this book and all the others being completed and shared with the world, is Momentum.

So, I write. Every day. Some days I get through a few chapters. Some days I don’t make it past even one. But every day, I add to the book and to the momentum.

I go to bed every night knowing that I have taken yet another step forward and that I will be taking yet another, as soon as I wake up.

Incidentally, I have been waking up earlier than usual. This is a HUGE deal for me, because I like to stay up late at night and have a lie-in, in the morning. But I want to write this book badly enough that I am willing to wake up earlier. This way I get to work on it, before my little daughter wakes up. Now, I still get my writing done, even on the days that my wife is at work and I look after our little one.

Also, I tend to write as soon as I wake up. This has made it less likely for me to get side-tracked. I will also venture to say that it might be a time when I am more connected to my sub-conscious and to ‘Source’ – since I have just emerged from my dream state.

In any case, it is working and I am making progress. Most of all, I am enjoying the process of writing and the evolution of the book.

So now we know why we need momentum. But how do we generate it?

Again, I can draw from my experience with this writing project. I had long desired to write this book. I wrote the series of posts with a view to making it in to a book. I published the first post in that series on 11th March 2014. I probably started thinking about the series even before then. So chances are, I have held the desire to write and publish this book for about a year or so.

Desire is a big deal – wanting something, understanding why we want it, thinking about how we will feel when we get there… these are all things that fire up our enthusiasm and make us feel motivated to go out and do it. So that makes me believe that desire is the key to generating momentum.

To nurture desire is to generate momentum.

And that brings us to the final question: how do we nurture our desire?

We think about it often. We talk about it to maybe one or two people who we know are going to be really supportive about it. We do some research into it – but a little bit at a time, so we don’t feel overwhelmed by the details and the number of things that need to be done. We read, listen to or watch success stories about people who have done the same thing or something similar.

We do ALL of this for a while before we take ANY action towards it. It really helps to build the excitement, the enthusiasm and the anticipation before we rush in. It is sort of like building a dam and letting the water collect before we open the floodgates.

And swooooooosh! Our desire takes on a life of its own. It becomes an unstoppable force of nature, conquering everything in its path. The ideas, the inspiration, the people, the circumstances all come flooding in, just at the right time. And there is enough momentum to carry us and sustain us.

It helps to keep fanning the flames of our desire… and to keep building on the excitement and anticipation. It helps to keep the momentum going.

So there you have it. Momentum.

I wish you a wonderful and exciting 2015! Now to get back to my book.

My deep and heart-felt thanks to Esther and Jerry Hicks and the Teachings of Abraham for making clear to me the value of desire and positive momentum.

Huge thanks also to DemonDeLuxe (the late Dominique Toussaint) and to WikiMedia for the lovely moving image of ‘Newton’s Cradle’.